Sightseeing tips of Zweibrücken

Guided tour of Zweibrücken and its municipal museum
Milestones of the journey through the history of Zweibrücken include: the golden age of the duchy of Pfalz-Zweibrücken in the Baroque period, the turmoil of the French revolution and wars as well as the fight for justice at the dawn of the German movement for democracy. Precious exhibits from bygone eras, Baroque squares and buildings line the trail through the town’s checkered history., 06332/ 871 471




Theme tour: The cherries of Tschifflick in the Baroque garden monument
The duke’s chamber maid comes to us from the 18th century to tell us about the Polish king Stanislaus Leszczynski who had a summer residence built for him at his Zweibrücken exile. On a stroll through the unique Baroque garden monument called “Tschifflick” you will learn more about this man-about-town and the dramatic history of his family, 06332/ 871 471



Stud farm tour: The Zweibrücken stud farm
Founded in 1755 by a duke, it has produced four new breeds of horses over the course of time. Even Napoleon provided one of his stallions for breeding. Today the historic stud farm is a modern breeding station for the delicate foals of proud stallions, with a race course, indoor riding arena and jumping course. On the guided tour you will see the prized studs and in the artificial insemination station learn about the challenges of breeding the versatile “Zweibrücker” race., 06332/ 17556



The rose, the queen of all flowers in the Zweibrücken rose garden
In the rose garden the alluring scent from more than 45 000 flowers fills the air of the picturesque park featuring ponds, a garden for the blind, lounge chairs and the Sleeping Beauty garden café. The two kilometer long rose trail along the Schwarzbach brook leads to the romantic garden of wild roses. In this living rose museum you can find the wild relatives and early varieties of the queen of all flowers., 06332/ 479330



The Bibliotheca Bipontina state library center
Precious books dating from the 16th century with gilt edging and leather bindings – the director of the Zweibrücken public library takes the treasures out of the safe. Among the prized possessions of this historic library are outstanding legal, theological and geographic works, incunabula and manuscripts. Very early on the town of Zweibrücken had a print shop. No wonder – considering that it was the first town in Germany to introduce compulsory school attendance for boys and girls., 06332/ 16403


Sports, play and shopping in Zweibrücken
After a round of miniature golf the soft pretzels with Bavarian sausage and a typical Weizen beer are a real treat in the beer garden. In bad weather there is bowling, ice skating at the ice disco or bouldering in the climbing gym. Or relax in the “Badeparadies” indoor pool with large sauna. Shopping aficionados can enjoy “The Style Outlets” offering 130 brands in 120 shops., 06332/ 4817970 (Indoor playground, bowling, ice skating), 06332/ 481369 (Climbing gym), 06332/ 874460, 06332/ 99390 (Zweibrücken The Style Outlets)



Kultur- und Verkehrsamt
Maxstraße 1
66482 Zweibrücken
06332/ 871 471

A day north of the town (49 km)
Zweibrücken – 7 km – Schwarzenacker Roman museum – 5 km – Homburg Schlossberg caves – 8 km – Bexbach mining museum – 7 km – Homburg climbing park – 22 km – Zweibrücken

Roman era and cave exploration in Homburg

At the large excavation site of the Roman museum at Schwarzenacker you walk along the former streets of a Roman settlement. Floor plans of houses, a reconstructed temple complex, a furnished Roman living room and numerous pieces in the museum take you back to the early history of the region., 06848/ 730777



Even deeper in the ground are the 12 stories of the Schlossberg caves in Homburg. The maze in the red sandstone has a constant temperature of 10 degrees centigrade at a humidity of 80 to 90 percent. A system of trails and large caves makes a visit below ground an extraordinary experience., 06841/ 2064



Mining and climbing in Bexbach and Homburg

Formerly the workplace of miners, today an informative museum about the work in coal mines with a realistic underground pit and a café in the museum’s tower. The grounds of the Saarländisches Bergbaumuseum [Saarland Mining Museum] also include various gardens., 06826/ 4887



High up is the direction in the Homburg climbing park at Jägersburger Weiher. Roped up and secured you can chose between eight high rope courses that take you from tree to tree., 06841/ 7030257



A day south of the town (62 km)
Zweibrücken – 10 km – Hornbach monastery – 20 km –Bitche citadel – 15 km – Eschweiler mill – 17 km –Zweibrücken

Middle Ages and herbs at the Hornbach monastery

The Hornbach monastery was founded in the year 742 by the missionary monk Pirminius who probably hailed from Ireland. Today the ancient walls house a 4 star hotel of medieval charm, a church, herb garden, beer garden and historama. This interactive museum provides information about the monastery’s history and the life of Saint Pirminius., 06338/ 910100



Just a few steps from the monastery the Hieronymus Bock exhibition is dedicated to another noted son of the town. He was a botanist, doctor and Lutheran preacher in the early 16th century at the time of the Peasants’ War and the Reformation. His main work is the Book of Herbs – a comprehensive compilation and description of central European medicinal plants. From Zweibrücken via Hornbach you reach the town of Bitche in Lorraine., 06338/ 994971


War and peace in the French town of Bitche

The imposing fortifications of the Bitche citadel were erected for war purposes. A modern audio tour takes you across the terrain and into the underground rooms. Abutting the formidable structure is the Garden for Peace. Inventive landscape artists have turned a row of ten individual plots into amazing theme gardens., 0033/ 387961882



On the way back from Bitche to Zweibrücken we recommend a stop at the mill museum in the historic Eschweiler Mill. It illustrates all the steps of the traditional production of flour. Additional attractions are the “Water cycle” tour, a bee house, the nature and culture trail as well as a French restaurant with beer garden., 0033/ 387967640


Kultur- und Verkehrsamt
Maxstraße 1
66482 Zweibrücken
06332/ 871 471